Although I could provide a complete synopsis of my life on this page, that’s probably not what you’re looking for. You are viewing my photography site and I would have to guess you are looking to know more about me as a photographer versus what my favorite color is. If by the end of this section I’ve captivated you enough, you can read the rest of my bio in the background section at the very bottom of this page.
Skills and Qualifications
I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bryant College, concentrating in Computer Information Systems. That’s right; it’s not a photography degree or even an art degree. I am a programmer analyst full time and I concentrate on my photography on the side. But what I lack in formal education I have learned through years of reading many books, journals, blogs, taking many classes, participating in several workshops and good ol’ practice and trial and error. I think the proof of my skills and qualifications can be summarized by reviewing some of the sample work in my gallery.

I have been working as a part-time professional photographer since 2007, specializing in portrait photography, especially of children and families. My technique includes using simple backgrounds and minimal props, but one of my newer services is digital backgrounds.

I work alone, as to say I am the only photographer. My wife will often assist me on sessions by helping me pose people, hold equipment, change settings, make adjustments, or just be my second set of eyes. I find that working as the only photographer ensures a consistent style.
Skills and Qualifications
I shoot all photos in Camera Raw. This can be thought of as the digital negative, but better. All of the data about the shot is saved without compression and at a higher color bit rate (more colors are good). It also allows me to tweak settings on the computer to fine-tune things like the color tone, contrast, sharpness, and other characteristics of a picture. This by no means suggests that the picture can be taken without properly setting the camera. It just allows me to do some fine-tuning in the lab (on my computer).

Even after fine tuning, I do any further processing in Adobe Photoshop if necessary. All originals and work are saved, archived and backed up. Unlike some photography studios, the sessions I take never expire and files are never deleted.
Skills and Qualifications
Like most people in the business, I took photography in high school using black and white film and did all of my own processing in the school’s dark room. I liked it ok but I can’t say that’s where my love for photography started. The fascination and appreciation for photography came when I was introduced to digital photography years later.

I started taking pictures as something to do so I wouldn’t go stir crazy. It also started with me taking a lot of snap shots. As time progressed and the more experience I got, the more obsessed I became. My pictures were getting better; they no longer were snapshots but carefully composed works of art. When I became limited by my equipment, I upgraded. Then I would learn more advanced techniques. Then I would upgrade again. The cycle never stops! Today I work with a studio full of professional lighting and camera equipment. But a photographer never stops learning. And never wants to stop learning.
Skills and Qualifications
OK, so you’ve made it this far. I guess in this section I can tell you about me. The non-photographer me.

I was born and raised in Biddeford, Maine. I went to college in Rhode Island and worked as a technical consultant out of Providence for two years after graduating. In 2001 I moved back to Maine where I accepted a programmer analyst position at a disability reinsurance company in Portland. This is where I work full time today.

I married my best friend in 2009 and we built a house in our home town. We had our first child in June 2011, Katie. You can see lots of pictures of my favorite little model in my gallery page.

I love the game of golf even though it doesn’t love me back. I like living close to the ocean but I don't visit as much as I should.

Oh, and my favorite color is blue.
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