To keep things on the simpler side of things, I offer one package for one price. I don't have separate setup and sitting charges or a bunch of different print packages. The one price includes everything you see below.
Each session includes
Access to proofs on the Labrie Photography web site (Passkey will be provided at the session)
Digital mastering of all selected poses
Digital download of selected poses ideally sized for digital photo frames, sharing on Facebook or sending in email
Voucher worth $149 towards print order
Here are some common sizes available for you to choose from. But there are many more products available! Each sample below shows how many individual prints you get per sheet of that size. The individual prints are die cut into their respective sizes for a professional finished edge.
Wallet Size
Wallet Size (12)
4x6" (3)
5x7" (2)
8x10" (1)
Who wants to constantly be looking at the clock during a photo session? Portraits, especially of babies and young children don't work well on a schedule. Sometimes a lot of breaks are required. And different poses often require background and lighting changes. I don't want that to interfere with getting the perfect portrait. So I don't restrict session times. Chances are, you'll know when the session is over and when everyone's had enough posing for the day; you can let your little one tugging at your shirt be your clock.
When scheduling a portrait session, you can choose between Studio or On-Location1. There are advantages to both of them, depending on what kind of results you are looking for. Studio portraits take advantage of being able to control all light and the results are crisp, clean portraits. On-location sessions allow you to have your portraits photographed using your favorite scenery as a backdrop, whether it be one of Maine's beautiful beaches, a special spot at your family camp, or even your backyard! If you want studio shots but are unable to come to the studio, a mini-studio can be set up right in your home or business2!
  1. Although there is no extra charge for on-location photo sessions, if your location is more than 10 miles from the studio, an additional travel fee will apply to accommodate the extra time and expense required to get to the location.
  2. An additional setup charge will be applied for an in-home studio session.
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