Layflat Books are truly spectacular. Exactly what their name implies, they lay flat so photographs aren’t distorted by binding or creased by a hinge. Only in person can you truly appreciate a Layflat Book’s amazing qualities. Available in 6 sizes with your choice of Cover Stock or Pearl paper. Includes a custom printed cover available in gloss, matte or textured satin finish. Layflat Books come with 10 pages (20 sides) up to a maximum of 20 pages (40 sides). Pages can be added individually (two sides per page).
Lay Flat Book Sample 1Lay Flat Book Sample 2Lay Flat Book Sample 3Lay Flat Book Sample 4Lay Flat Book Sample 5Lay Flat Book Sample 6
Product Sample
5x5 Layflat Book$184
8x8 Layflat Book$209
10x10 Layflat Book$234
12x12 Layflat Book$264
8x12 Layflat Book$234
12x8 Layflat Book$234
Additional Page (each)$44
Additional BooksPrice
Additional 5x5 Layflat Book$84
Additional 8x8 Layflat Book$97
Additional 10x10 Layflat Book$108
Additional 12x12 Layflat Book$120
Additional 8x12 Layflat Book$108
Additional 12x8 Layflat Book$108
Additional Page (each)$9
Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.
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