Functionality and novelty combine in the Photo Statuette. Statuettes give three-dimensional photography a whole new meaning! Available in 5x7” and 8x10” sizes. The print is cut out on 1/8” white acrylic with a base on ¼” white acrylic.
Statuette Sample 1Statuette Sample 2Statuette Sample 3
Product Sample
Product (Prices shown are per item)Single Item or Head2-4 Items or HeadsComplex or Group
1 8x10" Statuette$129$149$164
2-5 8x10" Statuettes$119$139$154
6 or More 8x10" Statuettes$104$129$144
1 5x7" Statuette$104$129$144
2-5 5x7" Statuettes$94$119$134
6 or More 5x7" Statuettes$84$109$124
Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.
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